HKDBL Info & Rules

Time: Tuesday or Thursdays 8-11PM

Location: LCSD Sports Centres (Central and Western)

New rules from Season 13

Game nights will be on Tuesday from 8-11PM depending on court availability. All teams will have an equal share of 10PM late games


Each team member shall wear a shirt numbered on the front and back with plain number

Jerseys should be of the same colour and not clash with the opposing team

HKDBL League Organiser and HKDBL Staff

League organiser will be available on game night from 7-11PM

HKDBL Staff (Officials and Referees) will perform their duties impartially and professionally.

Game Format

Season game Format: Women's division has 8 teams, in which each team is scheduled for seven matches against other teams in the same division.

Playoff game Format: After season games completed, teams will be seeded base on their ranking in season games then all teams will advance to the playoffs with instant elimination format, (Seed 1 vs. Seed 4, Seed 2 vs. Seed 3)


Experienced Referees nominated by HKDBL

The implementation of the ‘0’ Step or ‘Control’ Step now gives a player the opportunity to gain control of the basketball while on the move with an initial step. This step is not counted as an action with possession of the ball, meaning the next step by the moving player with the ball is deemed ‘Step 1’. This means a player can take 3 steps.

They also have the right to ask players to check their nails prior to a game and also to ensure that no jewellery is worn or any items that may cause harm to other players.


Statistics & Score keeping for individual players and teams (Statistic include Points, Rebound, Assists and etc). All statistics will be updated as games are completed.

League Website indicates:

  • Scores & Schedule
  • Box Scores, individual players and teams Statistics
  • Player Statistic Season ranking
  • Player and Team info.
  • Photos & HD video


Champion – Trophy & Medals

2nd Place – Medals

Individual Players awards: Supermarket coupons

Individual awards category: Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Acknowledgement of Risk of Injury Clause

As a participant in Hong Kong Development Basketball League, you recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks for physical injury and you agree to assume the full risk of physical injuries, including death, damages of loss which you may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with HKDBL. All the organizers, co-organizers and sponsors shall not be responsible for the event if any participant or any other person involve in the tournament due from illness, injury, death, personal damage and economic loss (whether due to any reason, including but not limited to, negligence). If necessary, it is recommended that one shall arrange the needed insurance.

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Game Rules

  1. Game Duration

All League Games are to be played under FIBA official basketball 2022 except certain modifications. Current games will be 10-minute quarters. Stop-clock applies at the last 2 minutes of 4th quarter. If there is a tie after 4th quarter, a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

1.1 Overtimes – Playoff Games ONLY
2 minutes stop clock. This will be for the first and second overtime only. Then Penalty Shoot Out applies instead of a 3rd Overtime

1.2 Overtimes – Penalty Shoot Out
A Player from each team will shoot a free throw. The team wins the shoot out where their player makes the free throw and the other team player misses. If both team players make or miss the free throw then the next team members compete. Teams designate their free throw shooters however players cannot shoot multiple attempts until all team members have had their attempt.

1.3 Timeouts
5 Timeouts are granted to each team during normal playing time. Each team can use 2 timeouts in the first half but timeouts cannot be carried over to 2nd half period if it is not used in the 1st half period. A maximum of 3 timeouts can be used in the 2nd half, but teams must use at least 2 time outs before the last 2 minutes in 4th quarter.

The only time a captain can call for a timeout is when the ball is out of bounds, not while game is in play.

2 Fouls

A personal foul occurs when there is illegal contact between two opponents. A player who makes more than five personal fouls is excluded from the game.

A foul made on a player attempting a shot results in the awarding of the same number of free- throws as those of the shot taken (two from inside the arc, three from outside). If a player is fouled but makes the attempted shot, the shot counts and an additional free-throw will be awarded.

Once a team has made four fouls in a period, each additional foul (on a player not attempting a shot) will result in the automatic awarding of two free-throws.

Any player receiving 3 or more fouls will be warned by the scorers, 5 fouls the player is ejected from the game.

3 ‘NO SHOW’ Rule or Forfeit

A ‘No Show’ is defined as a team not turning up for a fixture at all, or less than 4 players on the court ready to start within 1 minute of the scheduled starting time (For example – 8pm game tip off will be 8:05pm. Players must be ready and details provided on scoresheets by 8:04pm). Should a team be classified as a ‘no show’ for a fixture on the date organized then a forfeit shall be awarded to the opposing team with a 20-0 result shown on the scoresheet.

3.1 If a team decides to abandon the game for whatever reason, without the approval of the other team and / or the referee, it will be viewed as a ‘no show’ in terms of the result.

3.2 If a team is late by more than 10 minutes ie 9:10 and arrives after 9:20pm. They forfeit the game 20-0.

3.3 If the game is stopped by Coaches/Team Managers and the Referees due to, but not limited to emergency evacuation of building, player fighting, referee being threatened etc, and the second half has commenced then the result will stand.

3.4 Game Forfeit & Rescheduling fee
A $500 penalty fee will be applied to team if there is less than 48 hours before game time. A $300 rescheduling fee will be applied to team

 4 Rescheduling Requests

Captains are allowed to nominate 1 no play day per month during the regular season, otherwise it is expected captains should field a team on that night.

For those games scheduled within 48 hours, as per rule 3.4 the team who is rescheduling will have to bear the cost of court, scorers, referees etc.

 5 Division 1 players

Each team may nominate two players who are division 1 players, but can only have 1 division player on the court at one time.